Sidelines Ice Hockey Boomerang Passer Shooting Practice Ice Training

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Sidelines Boomerang Hockey Passer 

The Boomerang Passer is made from high density polyethylene to simulate the ice surface and sets up on virtually any level surface.  The roll out passing surface come predrilled for easy mounting of the puck passer and come complete with all the required mounting hardware.  

Simply mount passer to the rollout surface and you are ready to set up on any level surface.  


The Boomerang Passer Helps with: 


Keeps puck in motion like a real game 

Helps develop quick hands with a quick release 

Perfect shot timing 

Practice real game situations 



Developing proper passing skills 

Build muscle memory 

Stick Handling , speed and accuracy 



1 Boomerang passer™
4 pins
1 shooting pad(Size: 244 x 76cm)
1 hardware kit
1 instruction manual (english)